What is this all about?
This site lets you obtain rankings, statistics, player information and optimal farming spots for "Game of Thrones: Conquest"
Who are you?
We are passionate Game of Thrones fans and hobby coders. WE ARE NOT LINKED TO WB!
Is it free?
Rankings and statistics are free. All other features require credits (cc), which can be obtained through PayPal on the 'Profile' page.
How can I search for players
Navigate to 'Search Player', you can search players by name or id.
The result list lets you unlock different information for credits.
The first button unlocks location and peace-shield status for 1cc.
The second button unlocks name and allegiance history of a player for 1cc.
The third button unlocks both for 2cc.
Can I find players by their allegiance?
The 'Bulk Search' feature lets you find multiple players at once, either by allegiance or keep level:
When searching by allegiance, put in your kingdom (K) and location (X,Y), as well as the exact name of an allegiance.
This search costs 1cc per result but 5cc at max (more results will still be shown at no additional cost) and 1cc at min, even if no players are found.
When searching by keep level, put in your Kingdom (K) and location (X,Y), as well as a level range for the keep level (MinKeep, MaxKeep).
The difference between MinKeep and MaxKeep must be smaller than 11.
The result list will display all players around the target location, that is within the keep level range and costs 1cc per result but 5cc at max (more results will still be shown at no additional cost) and 1cc at min, even if no result is found.
A feature to find all players of an allegiance is coming soon.
How does the farm spot search work?
The 'Farm Spot Search' feature lets you put in your kingdom (K), a level range for creatures (MinCreatureLevel, MaxCreatureLevel, difference must be smaller than 11), a radius (15, 30 or 60) and costs 1cc.
The result list contains the 10 best spots with the highest creature density regarding your provided parameters.
Are you associated to WB/Turbine and can help me with (insert random ingame topic here) ?
No, we are not associated to WB and can't help with any game-related topic.
How often will the rankings be updated?
Every 8 hours (0:00, 8:00, 16:00 UTC)
Which payment methods do you offer?
PayPal only currently, more will be added later.
What does "player not located on the map" mean?
If a player get's TPed, he won't reappear on the map until he logs back into the game.
How can i access my website credits through discord and vice versa?
You can merge your website and discord accounts. Visit our discord server for further information.